Are you ready for your digital therapie?

Brief anamnesis: Do you sleep with your smartphone? Who do you pay more attention to: favourite people or screens? Do your passwords have less than 20 characters? Do you go to bed more often with your Facebook "friends" than with your partner? Do you sometimes feel Insta-depressed? How many WhatsApp groups turn your day into one continuous distraction? 

Nodded three times in secret? Then you are ripe for digital therapy! 

Painless. Effective. Prescription-free.

Attention, now it makes a short spik: 

The mercilessly honest, hilarious and yet deadly serious digital therapy by web veteran, digital detox pioneer and bestselling author Anitra Eggler frees you from email madness, Insta-depression, pointless surf syndrome, social media incontinence, Google disease and data diarrhoea. It brings even convinced smartphone zombies into digital balance. Desirable side effects: less stress, more time, more fun at work, more success and a better kissing record. That's not advertising copy. This is a promise.

The passionate infopreneur demonstrates how screen-life balance works successfully: Anitra meditates and programmes, she collects sunrises and momentary happiness, works digitised to the maximum and lives in Switzerland without a watch - time is Anitra's Rolex. More about Anitra Eggler.