Find your ideal business match

Push your successful networking and find interesting matches among the participants! Network with business partners in advance via salz21 business matchmaking. Profit from the exchange with interesting partners.

Discover salz21 contacts for free - this is how it works: For business matchmaking via the salz21 platform on Talque, register using the button below. Then you will find interesting salz21 business partners under the tab "Participants" - at "Best Matches". Here your interesting matches are listed, you can send messages and arrange dates. For dates - including coffee and beverage service - the Business Matchmaking Garden is available at salz21 from June 16-17. Meetings can be perfectly scheduled in a personal event plan - through the function to compile your own event agenda.

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Systematic Business Matchmaking

In addition to the b2b networking via Talque, salz21 invites to a systematic business matchmaking in the "Innovation Area" at the program item "Clash of Cultures". The encounters are drawn at random and allow exciting networking between salz21 participants.