Highlights at salz21

Prepare for the future - from business matchmaking to the Investors Lounge and the Innovation Area

salz21 - range of topics

Machine learning and the automation of intelligent behavior are topics that are on the program at the salz21 - New Business Days.

To focus on artificial intelligence (KI or AI), highlights from David Hanson (Founder, Chairman, Chief Creative Officer of Hanson Robotics Ltd., who appears with his humanoid robot "Sophia" at salz21) are planned. Dagmar Schuller will also be (CEO of audEERING GmbH) will be represented with a keynote on "Audio Intelligence" and Anastassia Lauterbach (CEO of Lauterbach Consulting & Venturing GmbH) will give a lecture on "The Artificial Intelligence Imperative".

Whether in bio- and medical technology, chemistry, biology, pharmaceuticals, production technologies, up to agriculture and nutritional science - the focus of this research branch is on the processes and structures of living beings.

One of the planned keynotes with this thematic focus of salz21 will be held by Daniel Wallerstorfer (CEO of Novogenia GmbH) with the topic "The power of our genes - How genes control our health, nutrition and talents".

Individual mobility is an essential part of our society, but a factor that challenges cities. Approaches to collective and communal transport using communication and information technologies are gaining in importance.

Highlights of this event will include keynotes by Daniel Huber (CEO moodley industrial design) on the subject of "One for all - supermodal mobility", as well as by Nicolas Kaiser (Senior Associate accilium GmbH), who speaks about "Mobility without moving", and Jörg Astalosch (CEO Italdesign-Giugiaro SpA) who takes up the topic of "From Design to Engineering to First-Build" from the automotive industry.

Digitally supported learning, new educational technologies with personalized and interactive offers. Artificial intelligence (AI) enables the analysis of learning behavior. Adaptive learning software development.

New ways of tourism after the pandemic & potential uses of digital technologies in art and culture.

salz21 opens the stage for startups and innovators with potential - selected from the 1st and 2nd stage phase, by our partners such as Startup Salzburg, Travel Industry Club and Tech2b Incubator.

The Austrian Angel Investors Association, Austria's leading network for angel investors, is an important player in the startup ecosystem. The program includes an investor panel on the subject of "Start local, scale up global", hosted by aaia and Startup Salzburg. In an "Investors Meet & Greet", potential startup investors and successful entrepreneurs learn something about business angels, participation processes and much more.

Business matchmaking, lectures, coachings, workshops, open space (with and without cross innovation), strategy games and numerous other formats offer space for personal development, training for employees as well as for managers.

Investors Lounge

The Austrian Angel Investors Association is Austria's leading network for angel investors and part of the European Business Angel Network (EBAN). The aim of the network is to promote cross-border startup ecosystems and investments. In an investor panel on the topic: "Start local, scale up global", experienced entrepreneurs and investors will discuss how companies, startups, public institutions and private donors in the region strengthen each other and lay a basis for global growth can. The panel is hosted by aaia together with Startup Salzburg. There is also the opportunity to make contacts at an "Investors Meet & Greet" and learn everything about angel investing in a relaxed atmosphere.

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Innovation Area

Innovations to touch, try out and experience. Experience technologies that will shape tomorrow:

  • Personalized Auditory Reality from Brandenburg Labs GmbH, which is committed to the vision of revolutionizing everyday human hearing.
  • Novogenia DNA laboratory - experience analysis technologies up close.
  • Meet & Great with Sophia from Hanson Robotics
  • Startup Area - meet 50 top-class startups from Germany and abroad

Live on stage - The Dark Tenor

Singer Billy Andrews appears as The Dark Tenor. With over 200.000 albums sold, his work has been awarded Gold status and reached Top 10 in the Charts. Billy’s German Headline Tours make The Dark Tenor one of the most successful artists in the pop-meets-classical genre.

Billy deconstructs timeless classical themes, melting them with his own melodies and lyrics. His Motto is to preserve and evolve traditions.

After touring the World as a classical singer Billy found the classical genre to lack momentum. And so the idea of ‘The Dark Tenor’ was born where Billy’s addictive mixture of ‘classical meets pop’ also brings a rock attitude to the classical world.

Innovation Days

salz21 is the host of this year's "Innovation Days", where well-known companies and students from different disciplines and universities meet to develop solutions for practical problems. In twelve interdisciplinary teams, the students worked out concepts and prototypes which they presented at the end of an "innovation sprint".

Open Space for everyone

A first slot will use a "cross innovation" to set a process in motion in which it will be possible to be inspired by different branches of industry. For all other units, launch your personal concerns and topics in order to discuss them with other conference participants and to get new ideas. A pin board is available for planning.

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