Startup Mine: Find your investors!

Are you an up-and-coming company in the startup sky and want to present your idea to top-class entrepreneurs? In the startup mine at salz21 you have the opportunity. Participation - absolutely free of charge. Your chance - to meet innovative investors and entrepreneurs from different industries. In addition, selected startups have the opportunity to present their ideas on the Startup Stage. 5 minutes that might change your life. And afterwards, you'll get feedback from an entrepreneur of your choice! Principle: first come, first serve!

Your salz21 campus for tomorrow's trends & topics: In salz21's workshops you will gain knowledge from the best technology experts and visionaries. Drop by and learn how Vertical Video makes you competitive or which advantages Personal Branding brings for you and your company!

Exclusive partner packages

You have an idea and your're still at the beginning of your entrepreneurship? Then take the chance and write us why you should get a place in the startupMINE as an exhibitor. 

You can register for startupMINE using the form below. 

We offer:

  • startupMINEBooth | free of charge (with purchase of 4 startupPass tickets) | 4m² exhibition space, electricity, internet, table
  • startupBooth | EUR 800,- (incl. 4 startupPass tickets) | in the salzFORUM 4m², electricity, internet, table

Are you interested in a partner package? Then please register using the form below!

Application form startupMINE

In this form you can register for the startupMINE.